Defeat the Empire to Save All Felines!

The fleet of the Empire surrounded the peaceful world of Whiskar and attacked without warning, blasting cities and ending countless naps. The attackers demanded Whiskar surrender immediately and her citizens could become slaves. But the cats refuse to yield - the first feline space mission changed from an exploration journey to a counterattack!

And so AlphaCat, Whiskar’s first space explorer, takes to the stars in the experimental spaceship Furball 1 to strike back. Aided by a robot sidekick and a crew of critters, AlphaCat must venture deep into space, battling Whiskar’s enemies on dozens of worlds.

The Empire is only the beginning: the deep reaches of space are home to the gangs and syndicates of the Outlaws, the ravaging cyborg Scavengers, and the elusive Mystics. An ancient artifact with the power to control the universe is hidden somewhere among the stars: can AlphaCat find it before Whiskar’s enemies do?

Game Features

  • Explore the galaxy as the AlphaCat, Captain of Furball 1 and defender of Planet Whiskar!
  • Match tiles on the game board to battle – more matches mean more damage!
  • Find and assemble a crew from over 60 characters
  • Upgrade your captain and crew to become more powerful than ever
  • Explore over 90 constantly evolving dungeons to find rare treasure
  • Fight a large array of devious enemies in diverse environments
  • Send your friends resources to help them in their adventures