The Latest AlphaCat Updates!

October 6th, 2016


  • When converting a Crew Member into Stardust, players will now get an additional +1 Stardust per character level
  • Stardust maximum remains at 100

Daily Missions

  • Adding crew members through the Loot Lab now contributes towards the crew member daily mission
  • The crew member mission text has been updated

Combat System

  • Enemies now have a blue or red sword next to their health meter which tells if they're an energy or physical attacker
  • Tapping and holding on the sword will give a pop-up description
  • Manually selecting a target has a new visual look
  • We've added a quick tutorial during Commander Fenris' fight for switching targets

Companion Abilities

  • Tucker's ability - Focus Fire - now correctly adds power to allies' attacks
  • Crusher's ability - Transfusion - now hits one enemy and heals all friendly targets for the damage dealt


  • Brock Lobster no longer buffs the player team's healing power
  • Outlaw Commanders now display their factional bonus within tooltips
  • Darkwing's tooltips now have the correct turn duration
  • Ultra Shock ability has had it's healing component reduced to 20%

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer pan the camera during the first step of the tutorial on Planet Whiskar
  • Push notification text now gives a bit more context

August 24th, 2016

Leveling Speed

  • The amount of XP needed to level up your crew has been lowered significantly
  • Bosses now give the intended amount of XP upon defeat
  • Players should see much more progress per planet completion

Mission Rewards

  • Mainline missions have been redesigned to give items instead of Gems
  • Daily missions now give Gems appropriate to your current zone
  • Rewards for completing all daily missions have been rebalanced

Continue Changes

  • After being defeated in battle, players can only continue once per planet
  • The Gem cost has been increased
  • Alternatively, the player can watch an ad in lieu of a Gem purchase

Fuel Changes

  • All planets now charge 10 fuel
  • All EX planets cost 12 fuel


PLANO, TEXAS (September 1, 2016) – Meow is the purrfect time to head to the iTunes, Google Play or Amazon store and download AlphaCat, a brand new match-three space strategy game with a frisky twist, from KingsIsle Entertainment.

In AlphaCat you explore 90 constantly evolving planets as the captain of a ship named the Furball-1 in a quest to defend Planet Whiskar. As the AlphaCat, you’ll be finding, assembling and leveling up a crew from over 60 characters. The captain and crew triumph over a large array of devious enemies through use of the popular match-three mechanic. Once your friends start playing, you can also send them resources to help on their own adventures.

AlphaCat is a dream realized for Kevin Wienecke, Lead Designer. “AlphaCat is a game I’ve always wanted to make,” said Wienecke. “There’s nothing more cute, ridiculous and hilarious than cats in space.”

Josef Hall, vice president and creative director at KingsIsle Entertainment, explained the process that took the idea from concept to mobile game. “At KingsIsle we periodically host an internal competition where all of our developers can spend a few days bringing their own game ideas to life,” Hall said. “It’s exciting to see one of those games progress to a world-wide release.”

AlphaCat is the second new mobile game to be released by KingsIsle, and two more mobile games have been soft-launched in Canada this past year. KingsIsle’s CEO, Elie Akilian, explained the exciting plans. “All of our upcoming releases are entirely different from one another and feature a variety of different game mechanics,” said Akilian. “There’s going to be even more new games with even more ways to enjoy KingsIsle’s unique brand of humor and entertainment.”

AlphaCat is now available worldwide in four different languages. Download links for both iOS and Android devices are provided from the website

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KingsIsle Entertainment is a developer and publisher that specializes in creating high-quality online and mobile games. KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has a development studio in Austin, Texas. Information about the company’s games can be found at

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