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Here you will find a list of FAQs that you may like while playing AlphaCat. These questions are related to both the gameplay experience and any technical issues that may arise. If you need further assistance for a critical issue that stops your gameplay, please reach out to


The gems indicate the relative difficulty of each fight. One gem is the easiest, while four gems is the hardest.

AlphaCat features four objective types:

  • Primary Target: Defeat the indicated enemy!
  • Find The Exit: Explore the map and find the exit!
  • Rescue: Free the specified number of Whiskar Citizens!
  • Escape: Find the dungeon’s exit within the time limit! (Escape missions are only found in Cloaked Station levels).

Players can access the Cloaked Station one time for every Deactivated Beacon item that they find. Beacons can be found in any regular level in the game, and tend to appear more often if the player hasn’t visited the Cloaked Station recently.

Yes! Find Time Extend power-ups within the Cloaked Station levels to add time to the clock.

Players will encounter a number of obstacles in dungeons as they proceed through the game. Here are a few examples:

  • Enemy Teleporter: New foes will teleport into the dungeon using these devices. Destroy them before you get overwhelmed!
  • Ancient Obelisk: These mysterious artifacts will sap your crew’s shields. Destroy them or avoid them entirely!
  • Poison Gas: This dangerous chemical saps the health of anyone nearby, and will spread through the dungeon over time. Keep away from it to stay safe!

Certain enemy classes can perform physical attacks, which target the player’s health bar directly. Identify these enemies and defeat them right away!

You must enhance a crew member within the Crew Lounge to raise its level cap. This requires you to have 100 Star Dust of that crew member’s particular color. You gain Star Dust by converting your unwanted crew members. The dust gained is dependent on the rarity of your crew member. Keep expanding and leveling your crew to support the AlphaCat!

Players can complete missions by performing various in-game tasks, such as clearing certain objective types or finding treasure. Every day, players are given three tasks. Completing any task will give the player a reward, and completing all three awards a Completion Bonus. The missions are available for 24 hours, or until the player completes all three of them. Once either condition has been fulfilled, the player receives three new missions.

Gems, the game’s premium currency, can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as:

  • First-time completion of any planet
  • Completing daily missions
  • Finding them in planets
  • Completing various advertising offers
  • Purchasing them in the Galactic Store

Fuel is restored by one unit every four minutes. Players can also watch ads to restore fuel, or purchase more in the store.

Basic abilities are used automatically by your crew members in battle. If you make a board match that is the same color as your crew members, then all corresponding crew members use their basic abilities!

Active abilities are displayed in the upper-left corner of each crew member during battle. Active abilities have a cooldown period, and each time the player makes a match on the board (a.k.a. “turn”), the timer is reduced by one. Once the ability is ready, you can drag the ability to its intended target.

  • Some abilities can only target enemies
  • Some abilities can only be used on your crew members/captain
  • Other abilities allow you to change the game board tiles!

Pro tip: Matching 7 or more purple tiles in one turn will reduce the cooldown of your crew member’s active ability even faster!

Your AlphaCat has 5 abilities:

  • Healing Pulse: Match 7 or more green tiles to heal your whole party. Healing is increased every 7 tiles matched!
  • Shield Restore: Match 7 or more blue tiles to restore shields on your whole party. The amount restored is increased every 7 tiles matched!
  • Hasten: Match 7 or more purple tiles to give your whole party a power buff! In addition, 2 turns are immediately taken off your crew member’s active ability timers! These effects are greater for every 7 tiles matched!
  • Rocket Blast: Match 7 or more red tiles to attack all enemies on screen! Your selected enemy will receive full damage, while all others will receive a smaller amount. The number of attacks made is increased every 7 tiles matched!
  • Alpha Strike: Your captain’s fury ability. Deal heavy damage to your selected enemy

Yes! Simply tap on any enemy to select them, and all your attacks will be centered on that enemy from now on.

Once you join an invasion, you’ll notice you have 3 teleporters. It takes 1 teleporter to enter an invasion fight. Once you’ve come back from an invasion fight, there is a short timer that prevents you from immediately entering the fight again (even if you have a teleporter). In addition, teleporters regenerate at a rate of 1 per hour.

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You will need to free up some storage on your device in order to continue patching the game. If this happens make sure to close the game and restart it after you have cleared up some space.

If you have lost connection during patching, you will need to make sure that you have a stable WIFI or mobile data connection. You can check your WIFI by going into your settings to ensure you are connected to the internet.

Your connection may be unstable, and you may not be able to connect to the internet. Please try using a WIFI connection if available to continue patching the game.

We advise using WIFI as the game requires a stable connection and it may take longer to download the patches on your cell phone providers data plan.

Yes you can play AlphaCat without being connected to the internet. However, remember that you need to be online and logged in to save your progress securely.

Using the Facebook login, you can login to different devices to play AlphaCat and save your progress.

Go to the Options menu and tap on the Help button. From here, you can submit a ticket, review previous tickets, or open multiple tickets. There will be a short delay before a new ticket appears here.

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Contact Support

The fastest way to get help with AlphaCat is to open a ticket in the mobile app. Go to the Options menu and tap on the Help button. From here, you can submit a ticket, review previous tickets, or open another ticket. There will be a short delay before a new ticket appears.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding game or account matters, please send an email to:

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